What we believe in

ORDA Vins is a wine project committed to the integral cycle of the production and marketing of quality wine products.We want to connect our productions with the consumer from wines with their own personality.We believe in wines that awaken our senses and make us good company at the table.We look for unique terroirs where the strains are adapted to them and can express themselves.We transfer the work done in the vineyard to the bottle, ensuring that our intervention in the winery is as respectful and honest as possible.We learn to listen to nature and to use knowledge to make pleasant wines. We carry out the harvest in the winery with absolute respect for the fruit and the consumer, guided by tradition and scientific rigor.ORDA Vins:

  • Regarding the territory.
  • Wine growers
  • Passionate about the land.
  • We dispense with synthetic products in the vineyard and in the cellar.
  • We take care of vines and  fruit.
  • We enjoy wine culture.
  • Rational oenology.
  • Effort and continuous improvement.
  • Product quality and valuation.
  • Transparency in communication.