We look for and work with very unique vineyards, which are able to transmit emotions to us through their fruit. Our goal is that we can find them again in a glass!Vines with deep roots and venerable ages that show themselves serene and balanced.Vines integrated into their surroundings and forming an inspiring landscape.We work with varieties linked to the territory, because we think they are the ones that have best adapted to the edaphoclimatic characteristics.As winegrowers we strive to work the vineyards with the utmost respect and commitment:

  • Permanent observation connects us to it and helps us make decisions.
  • We are always looking for balanced vines.
  • We follow the lunar and biodynamic calendar in order to schedule the work.
  • We take care of the soil by using spontaneous plant covers that help to improve its structure and promote biodiversity.
  • We dispense with the use of synthetic products applied to the crop, and we minimize the use of sulfur and copper sulfates.
  • Applying treatments based on medicinal plant preparations helps us to keep strains healthy and strong.